RUN by a board of arts practitioners, designers, fabricators, producers and project managers, RUN curates, creates and instigates ephemeral, temporary, site-specific public art outcomes that straddle the disciplinary boundaries of art, science and technology, social activism, design and architecture.

We are a specialist commissioning agency created to assist in the professional delivery of projects and programs, including professional development, developing conceptual frameworks, planning and documenting projects, undertaking artist selection and EOI processes, project management, delivery and fabrication of works for installation.

The RUN way:

  • Results in works that are more than objects for contemplation or a means of individual self-expression, but represent a process of negotiation and consultation between artists and specific social groups;
  • Creates an artistic program that is meaningfully related to specific social and environmental contexts, while also reaching broad national and international audiences;
  • Encourages a dialogue between social realities that are usually separated by cultural, economic, ethnic or geographical distances or differences;
  • Diversifies the life experiences of artists, so an enriched experience of diverse cultures is reflected in the contemporary visual arts.
  • Creates a critical space that is edgy, contemporary and an innovative leader within the art scene;
  • Engages and interacts with the local community, mixed media, hybrid discourses and collaborative projects and partnerships.

RUN Space is committed to:​

  • Supporting artists pushing the boundaries of creative practice;
  • Creating a place to test, share, develop, collaborate and share in a supportive environment.
  • Creative practices encompassing art, performance and design e
  • Encourages interdisciplinary practice, experimentation and calculated risk; a place where people at all levels can test, develop and share their work;
  • Encouraging both creative and education-related activities;
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Nicole Voevodin-Cash

Partner and Creative Director

Nicole Voevodin-Cash
Sunshine Coast Council Arts Advisory Board Member
Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance Board Member
Teaching Artist + Arts Curator MIC
Director RUN Ari


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